10-Week Challenge Results (Reinette Arase)

If you are looking for the best program to make a complete healthy lifestyle transformation, look no further than the 10-week challenge.


Meet Reinette Arase, a true warrior who averaged more than one workout a day during the challenge! Over the course of the 10-weeks, Reinette decreased her need for meal time and night time insulin! In addition, she lost 36.5 inches off her body and increase her fitness test results by:

  • 24 pushups
  • 19 goblet squats
  • 8 situps

Congratulations Reinette, you are now much healthier and a whole lot stronger!

Left (September 2015) - Right (November 2015)

Left (September 2015) – Right (November 2015)

The Reinette Arase Interview

Besides being an absolute warrior in the gym, what is your day job?

I am a resource specialist for Child Care Aware of Washington. It is a state wide call center that helps families find child care  for their young children.

Do you have any hobbies?

Aside from working out…I like to spend time in my craft room creating things.

How did you learn about the challenge and was it a hard decision to sign up?

I became a member of CKO at end of August and the announcements were starting to ramp up about the 10 week challenge. I was at first hesitant, then I asked my friend Lynda B (she is the one who also encouraged me to try CKO) about it and she highly encouraged me to go for it! She assured me, it would all be worth it and that it would be life changing. I saw her transformation as well as others and that was all I needed to jump on board.

Reinette and Lynda

Reinette and Lynda on the last day of the challenge

What was your favorite aspect of the challenge?  

Honestly, everything!! It truly encompassed the whole person. From the structure, to the accountability methods, to the nutritional and emotional support and coaching, and awesome classes and motivating trainers. Most of all was the community feeling and support from all of the challenge peeps!! Great bunch of people who cheered for you, encouraged you and we all had similar goals and wanted the best for everyone!

Team CKO Monster 5K

Team CKO Monster 5K

What was the hardest part about the challenge?

For me it was the food plan. Prepping and preparing the meals in advance and of course cooking the meals.  And learning to trust and understand the concept of “eat more”. Also struggling with while learning that sleep and managing stress is hugely important in being successful in adopting a healthy lifestyle change whether you need to lose weight or not.

What motivates you to walk through that door day after day and continue to push yourself?

Because I know that it is absolutely what I need , I want to live a long healthy life free from chronic health challenges and for my dad. He had a long struggle with diabetes and complications. I spoke with him 5 years ago on father’s day telling him how I had joined a boot camp and the next time he saw me he wasn’t going to recognize me. Sadly, he passed away one week later…

Also I just really love the feeling of being strong and fit!

What’s one thing you still find yourself struggling with? 

I’m not gonna lie. It would be patience and negative self-talk. I have come a super long way combating both of those items during the course of this 10 week challenge, but I still have hiccups along the way. I do however notice that I bounce back a lot quicker than in the past.

What would your advice be to some considering doing a 10 week challenge?

You are worth it! Investing in yourself is a no-brainer… Just Do it!! The rewards are to be reaped!! Once on board gather support! It is the most amazing journey you can embark on! I’m sure anyone of us former challenge peeps would gladly be there to support your decision or answer any questions you might have.


Have you tried any other challenges (with our gym or another)- if so what made this one different?

What made this challenge different (compared to others) was the high level of organization. The CKO/2.0 challenge was well thought out and well researched. From the kick off, to the structure of all the accountability requirements, to the challenge take overs, to the community challenges, the weekly shopping list, the nutrition planning, to the communication, and the group of awesome trainers involved.

Also, I can’t forget to mention the support I received from both  Jessica and Carla. They were constantly there to answer all of my questions and helped alleviate many of my fears.  Couldn’t have gotten through this without the both of them. Always responsive – all of the time!! This challenge is truly setup for success for the long haul if you are willing to put in the work.

Community Challenge. This was a record breaking night for the amount of food that was provided

Community Challenge. This was a record breaking night for the amount of food that was provided

What can we do better to help you actualize your true potential? 

I love the challenge take over classes. Maybe add a class or two that would be just a challenge class. Introverts need a little help. My one regret is that it took me a while to get to know some challenge peeps and some I didn’t get to know at all. Or maybe that’s the way some people preferred it which is cool.

Share any relevant information you’d like about yourself that other team members might not know about you (also a good place to talk about any success you have had since joining the challenge)! 

I have only been a member since the end of August and yet I feel like I’ve been here forever. The challenge couldn’t have come at a more perfect time because it allowed me to acclimate myself to a new environment. CKO/2.0 is more than a gym…It is a community of like- minded people who are all there to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle.  This community is extremely supportive of one another.

Reinette was a regular at the 5am TABATA class

Reinette was a regular at the 5am TABATA class

I came into this challenge with multitude of health challenges the biggest of which was uncontrolled diabetes of 20+ years. I also was dealing with adult diagnosed ADD. The combination of those 2 had been a daily nightmare to say the least. A week and a half into the challenge with the new food plan – I found myself decreasing my insulin dosage to the point where now I have cut my meal time insulin all together except for periodic adjustments and cut my night time insulin dosage in half.

I was slowly able to learn concepts of food, health, nutrition, and much more that in the past I was never able wrap my brain around. I started to meet many new people and started to feel more comfortable opening up. I felt like I found a home here.

I lost 36.5 inches including 5in in my left arm, 4in in my right arm, 6 1/2in my bust, 4 ¾ in in my waist, 6 ¾ in in my hips, 4 ½ in my right leg and 5 in in my left leg.

I increased my 2 minute testing by 24 pushups , 19 goblet squats , 8 sit ups and 43 seconds of dead arm hang.

Congratulation to Reinette and all of the challengers! Reinette is a true testament to what is possible when you commit to the process and trust the program. While her measurable changes are AWESOME- what is so much more powerful and rewarding is the internal, non-tangible changes in emotional health that she was able to make. 


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