10-Week Challenge Results (Kristin Hingtgen)

Check out this testimonial from recent 10-week Challenge graduate Kristin Hingtgen:

I think before this challenge the biggest decision for me was really understanding that I am in charge of my health and I can control how healthy I am. It always seemed like it was something that was decided for me. The hardest thing for me was just deciding to do it and promise to myself that I will commit 100%. I did and it was life changing. I think the biggest thing for me was learning about how to properly fuel my body. I wasn’t eating nearly enough, I wasn’t eating enough protein or healthy fats. I’ve always limited my food intake but I was encouraged to eat more! I was just eating foods that were going to give me fuel rather than drag me down. 
After 70 days of consistency and 50 workouts- I am a new, better version of me! I’ve lost just over 20lbs, 25 total inches and have gotten way stronger! 
This is not the end, just the kickoff of my new, healthy lifestyle and I feel excited for what’s to come!
I can honestly say that this was one of the best experiences of my life. 
Congratulations Kristin, your 10-week challenge results amazing!



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