10-Week Challenge Results (Hazim Ghanim)

If you are looking for the best program to make a complete healthy lifestyle transformation, look no further than the 10-week challenge.


Meet Hazim Ghanim 10-week challenge alumni (read about his first challenge), who has been with CKO/2.0 for just over 1.5 years. Over the course of this fitness journey Hazim has had many great successes! He has lost over 35-lbs, completed a CINCO, completed 40-in-40 (4o workouts in 40 days), completed the Spartan Race, and improved his diet…

Besides being an absolute warrior in the gym, what is your day job?

By day I am a stress engineer.

Do you have any hobbies?

I am mostly a home body, I enjoy small projects around the home (right now I am looking at home automation).  I roast my own coffee.

Spartan Strong!

Spartan Strong!

How did you learn about the challenge and was it a hard decision to sign up?

This is my second 10-week challenge, I originally found out about the challenge through my wife, Viridiana. 

What was your favorite aspect of the challenge?  

Having a movie night with Q&A afterwards was great! It was nice to discuss and hear everything challengers had to say.

Hazim and his wife Vir

Hazim and his wife Viridiana

What was the hardest part about the challenge?

This time around I tried pushing myself well beyond 5 workouts a week, and I do not think I achieved this to the best of my ability.

What motivates you to walk through that door day after day and continue to push yourself?

Knowing what I came from, and the changes I have already made, getting the compliments from people and my wife, these things keep me coming back.

Bootcamp at 2.0 Next Level Fitness

Bootcamp at 2.0 Next Level Fitness

What’s one thing you still find yourself struggling with? 

I still struggle with having the mindset to push myself. Sometimes I find myself rushing through a workout, and not giving it my all, or not taking my body to failure.

What would your advice be to some considering doing a 10 week challenge?

Believe in yourself, when you do the 10 week challenge you are gambling on yourself, it should be the easiest decision for you to make.  When I first heard about the 10 week, I thought to myself “I could just do that myself” but it is so much easier having a group of challengers going through the same struggles as you, helping you change your mindset.


Have you tried any other challenges (with our gym or another)- if so what made this one different?

I have done the 40 in 40 and ‘Cinco’.  Those challenges were great, the difference is having people to rely on.  A community online you can talk to, and relate to.  You’re not on your own.

Working hard at CKO

Working hard at CKO

What can we do better to help you actualize your true potential? 

Funny enough, having the camera in class, someone taking pictures, makes me try harder, if even for that moment, but at the end I usually think to myself that was more that I thought I could do.

Share any relevant information you’d like about yourself that other team members might not know about you (also a good place to talk about any success you have had since joining the challenge)! 

Since starting CKO I have done the 40 in 40, Cinco, and 2 – 10 week challenges, in all I have lost 35lb (16% weight) and changed my diet for good.  It is the most amazing feeling to eat well, and deliciously.



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