How to lose 60-lbs in 2.5 years (The Hannah Piper story)

Meet CKO member Hannah Piper who in just 2.5 years, lost over 60-lbs. In addition to the weight loss, Hannah has found a new love for fitness and is truly embracing her new healthy lifestyle. To learn more about Hannah’s transformation journey, read her testimonial.

60-lbs lighter and looking better than ever!

60-lbs lighter and looking better than ever!

Testimonial by Hannah Piper:

I had been overweight since I was about 13 years old. All through high school and college, I struggled a lot with very poor eating habits paired with hating exercise. Not a good combination! I would half-heartedly attempt to lose weight every once-in-a-while, but by the time I was over 200 pounds, it just seemed like too big of a mountain to climb. I was convinced that I was trying everything I could to lose weight, and nothing was working. In reality, I was putting in almost no effort and setting myself up for complete failure every time. It seems crazy to say this, because I consider myself a pretty smart person – got a 3.9 in high school and graduated college in a very demanding degree program. I did not lack intelligence. However, when it came to fitness and nutrition, I was really clueless. I had no idea the caloric value of the things I was eating, and I was really brainwashed by the “quick-fix” industry that we are in today. I thought that doing a few crunches and eating a few low-fat foods every once in a while would rid me of my 75+ extra pounds. It did not (shocking, I know!). So, that led me to being a 22 year old, 5’7 female weighing in at about 240 pounds. Not a fun place to be. I can vividly recall all the times I would go out with friends, envying them for having perfect bodies and being able to fit into size 2s at the mall. I hated the way I looked but was really convinced that I couldn’t change it.

CKO Seattle hannah piper

Putting in work at CKO Seattle

I moved to Seattle after graduating college to start a job in the aerospace industry. I had always been interested in boxing, and thought that I would check out some local places that offered classes. At this point, I had already started walking daily and trying to eat a little bit healthier (though, admittedly, I still didn’t really know what “healthy” was; instead of eating better… I was just eating less). I found CKO online, and was extremely intimidated. I would click on the website every few days, and try to convince myself not to be scared and to just try it. It took me probably a month to finally bite the bullet and sign up for a trial class. Going in for my tutorial prior to class, I was extremely nervous. I met Garett and he went through the basics with me and a few other newbies. Garett’s face when I tried to roundhouse kick for the first time is something I’ll never forget. He assured me, however, that I would get better in time (and I have!). 🙂 I was exhausted by just the warm-up. I left class that day and immediately called my mom to tell her that it was the hardest workout that I had ever done in my life. But… it was fun. It was something I could see myself doing without getting bored. So, I went back. I signed up for a membership that night and have never looked back. I can very confidently say that taking that trial class was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It set into motion a million other micro-choices that have made me a healthier, happier, and more-fulfilled person.

Team Renon 2014 10-week challenge

Hannah (back row, 2nd from left side) Spring 2014 10-week challenge

I continued taking classes, dabbled in some personal training, and eventually signed up for the CKO “10-Week Challenge.” The 10-Week Challenge absolutely changed my life. I learned everything that I had somehow previously missed about nutrition. I learned to read labels, to really be mindful about my food choices, and to question the fad-diet industry that runs rampant in the global discussion about nutrition. In 10 weeks, I lost 17 pounds and gained so much knowledge. In the 2.5 years that I have been with CKO, I have gone from 225 pounds to 165. I never thought it was possible, but it turns out that hard work and consistency really do pay off.

CKO Seattle 10-week challenge

Hannah’s progress after the 2014, 10-week challenge

I was sidelined most of 2015 with a pretty brutally painful lower back injury that I’m still dealing with today, but I would make it to CKO as much as my body would allow, and I’m finally getting back into the swing of things. I still struggle with nutrition; I love sugar and bread and I slip up like most humans. But, I have so many tools at my disposal now, and I know exactly where I can go to get the best, most fun workout that will kickstart my passion for being a healthier me. I owe so much to CKO and I am so incredibly happy that I found this place that has changed my life completely. Thank you!!!

Congratulations Hannah, your transformation journey has been amazing and inspiring. I am so glad that you gave us (CKO Seattle) a try back in August 2013. And, as I promised, your round houses did get better 😉 .


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