The Reason Your DIY Workout Plan is Holding You Back

Imagine this, you wake up one morning to find yourself living in a world very similar to the world seen in the movie, The Hunger Games

You hear a knock on your door, suddenly you find yourself being herded by armed guards into the town square for the annual reaping event. Surrounded by thousands of other people, you watch as the District-Escort reaches her hand into a glass bowl filled with thousands of pieces of paper. As the escort reads the name on the small piece of paper you are horrified to realize that your name has just been called…



You have just been chosen to represent your district, but instead of competing in a “hunger games” type of event you have just been chosen to get into the octagon.

Yes, you have just been picked to get into a cage and fight in your underwear against a person from another district in front of all your friends, family, and all the millions watching on pay per view…

Hunger Games

You have just been picked to fight inside a cage.

If that’s not scary enough, you have now just realized that this is an extremely dangerous endeavor, you might break your arm, or jaw or leg, or eye socket, you might even loose a few teeth or worse, you might even receive irreversible brain damage, HELL, there is a possibility you might die…

And for argument sake, lets say that you have very little experience fighting, other then the one small shoving match you had in middle school. In other words, you have just been chosen to do the impossible.

There is however one small glimmer of hope, you have 1-year to train.

Ok, let’s review. You have zero fight experience and in 365-days you will be locked in a cage with another person looking to inflict on you, a massive amount of pain.

What are you going to do?

Well you really only have two options:

  1. You can hang a heavy bag in your garage, watch a bunch of You Tube and Instagram videos, and get together with your buddies and teach yourself how to fight.


  1. You can join a top-notch fight gym that has years of experience taking inexperience people and turning them into world champions.

Which option do you pick? Well given this scenario, it is a no-brainer right, you choose option 1.


Option 2 is the only logical choice. If you want to learn how to fight as quickly as possible your best bet is to surround yourself with professional trainers and other fighters looking to better themselves. Call me crazy but, I can’t think of a better environment to learn how to fight then going to a gym/school that specializes in fighting.

Am I right?

Well in the health and fitness world way too many people choose “option 1”. There are many reasons why, but the most common is:

“I think I can do it by myself” 

Let’s address this reason.

“I can do it by myself” – If you find yourself saying or even thinking this, I am here to say, you are absolutely right! Just like in the “hunger games” story above, it is possible to teach yourself–you can get a membership to a big box gym, spend hours reading blogs and watching You Tube and Instagram videos, and you can even pester your in-shape friends for some fitness tips. If you do all this, you will make progress, because well, anything is better than doing nothing.

HOWEVER, just like the story above, your fitness results will most likely pale in comparison to the results you would have received, if, instead of going at it alone, you got professional help. Because well, you don’t have as much knowledge and experience as the professionals. In other words, you are choosing to reinvent the wheel!


Not to mention, why would you want to reinvent the wheel anyway?

Why would you want to spend hours a day reading blogs, buying books, watching videos, learning proper form, going to seminars, getting certifications, learning about nutrition, learning body mechanics, and creating workout plans, especially if you are not a fitness professional?

Again, I am not saying that you are not capable of acquiring all this knowledge, but the question is, do you really want too?

Let me give you an example, I am not a car mechanic. So, if my car breaks down, the first thing I am going to do is take my car to a trusted car-mechanic. Not because I am not capable, I have a mechanical engineering degree, there are numerous You Tube videos, and I even built a racecar back in college. So I am sure I could fix it, however, it will probably take me days, weeks, or even months to do the same job my mechanic could do in a few hours.

UNM FSAE, Garett Renon, Racecar

2005 – The racecar I helped build as my senior project

Why? Because I am not a car mechanic!

I haven’t worked on a car in over 11-years and I don’t have the proper tools! But more importantly, I don’t have the TIME to “figure it out”. I am too busy perfecting my own craft…

Wait, hold up!

Did you catch the word from the second to last sentence? The word- TIME?! Well I hope you did because TIME is all you have. Or as Bruce Lee said, “time is what life is made of”

Bruce lee quotes. Time

So if you haven’t figured it out by now, this entire post is about TIME!

Now ask yourself, between your work commitments, family commitments, social commitments, and other hobbies, how much time can you “afford” to spend learning about fitness? Before you answer, remember you only have a limited amount TIME and once it’s gone it’s gone, you can’t get anymore.

And don’t forget why your started your fitness journey in the first place, it was to get a particular result, right? Don’t you want that result ASAP?! Well teaching yourself will slow the process down!

So unless you are an aspiring fitness professional or fitness is you main hobby, why would you want to spend so much of your time learning (even then you should find a professional to learn from)? By allowing others to help you, you free up much more TIME! All this extra time allows you to be YOU. It allows you to be the best mom or dad, or best school teacher or restaurant owner, or soccer player, or the best husband or best wife or computer programer, or whatever it is that makes you, YOU.

So if you had to fight someone in 1-years time, I bet you would seek professional help, but what if you had 1-year to achieve your fitness goals?







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