“Flow-Rida” Kettlebell Workout #4

This workout is a 30-min Kettlebell workout made up of 3 different parts. I am also introducing something new in part 1 which is a Kettlebell Flow…

Part 1 (Flow)

7-Min As Many Round As Possible (AMRAP) – 5 presses + 5 Squats + 5 Thrusters (Each side)

This is intended to be a kettlebell flow. This means that you don’t set the Kettlebell down (if possible). In other words, do 5 Kettlebell press on right, after the last press the kettlebell should be in the rack position. While the kettlebell is in the rack position, complete 5 Kettlebell squats. After the 5th squat begin thrusters (front squat to push press). Then switch sides using a “swing switch” (if possible). For this round record the weight used and how many rounds you completed before you set the kettlebell down.

Rest 1:30

Part 2

8-min AMRAP – 6 sprinter deadlift (each side) + 8 Bent over row (each side)

For this round, record weight used and the number of rounds completed.

Rest 1:30

Part 3

10 Kettlebell Swings on the minuet for 10-minutes

This is the workout finisher! It is 100 swings in 10-mins. Use a heavy kettlebell that allows you to have good form for all 100-reps.


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