1 + 2 = FUN! Kettlebell Workout # 7

If you are short on time, I have a challenging kettlebell workout that will work your entire body and leave drenched in sweat and gasping for air in less than 30-mins. After finishing this workout you might change the name to 1 + 2 = BUTT KICKED.

This workout consists of:

  • 5 cleans + 5 press + 5 squats + 5 press + 15 swings.

This workout is a flow. This means you don’t set the kettlebell down during the cleans, press, squat, and press.

This is how it works:

Start with the right arm, do 5 right-arm cleans, then 5 right-arm press, then 5 squats (right), then 5 right-arm press. Set Kettlebell down and then immediately begin 15 two-hand swings. After the 15 swings rest for 30-secs.

Then proceed with the left arm.

After the left arm is complete, repeat using both hands at the same time. This would be considered 1 round.

This particular workout calls for two rounds. Take note of the weights used and the time till completion.



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