Working out is a lot like bowling

I do not consider myself a “bowler”; in fact I probably bowl once a year if that. So I don’t really understand the scoring system all that well. However one thing I do know about bowling is that once you throw a strike things become very interesting. A strike gives you 10 points, but there is much more to the story. When you bowl a strike you get 10 points plus a potential bonus on your next throw.

bowling meme

Explained by Wikipedia:

“When all ten pins are completely knocked down with the first ball (called a strike and typically rendered as an “X” on a score sheet), a player is awarded ten points, plus a bonus of whatever is scored with the next two balls. In this way, the points scored for the two balls after the strike are counted twice”.

This means that once a strike has been achieved the next ball thrown becomes extremely important. However if you throw a gutter ball after the strike, your strike becomes essentially worthless because you missed out on the bonus. In other words, a strike is only as valuable as your next 2 balls (insert laughter here).


The same is true for working out; the benefits of your workout are only as good as your next workout

If you have a great workout (STRIKE) but don’t follow-up with another workout within a day or two (GUTTER BALL) you missed out on all the potential benefits (bonus) that you can get from working out consistently. Any workout you complete is good for you, just like throwing a strike is good for your bowling score, however the REAL benefits only occur once there is consistency…


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