10-Week Challenge Results (Brenda Doyle)

2.0 Next Level Fitness is full of superstars but if forced to choose the “Life of the Party” I would have to pick Brenda Doyle!

Am I right? 

Brenda has a great attitude, is hilarious, and is ridiculously strong! In fact, we all watch in AWE as she easily picks up the “red one” (70-lb Kettlbell) and proceeds to do a 1:30 farmers carry. Or the time she picked up a 44-lb kettlebell pressed it overhead and then held it for over a min! And I forgot to mention, the whole time she was doing these amazing feats of strength she had the entire gym laughing…

Brenda March 2016 - May 2016

Brenda March 2016 – May 2016

Brenda just completed the 2016 spring challenge and her results were phenomenal. She lost over 20-lbs and 30-inches. She also improved in all aspects of the fitness test. Below is Brenda’s testimonial about her fitness journey thus far with 2.0.
By Brenda Doyle:
Where to begin on my journey? Well here it goes, I remember the first day I walk into 2.0 (September 2015) and Jessica was there to give me the information about the gym and her energy was amazing. After all the information she shared with us I went home and thought about what my next step was and it took me about 2-weeks to decide to try a class and YES I was scared of not being able to do the class! I remember doing the class and being REALLY SORE but at the same time I loved how I felt!  
Bootcamp at 2.0 Next level fitness

Up and over pushups during bootcamp

So at that point I decided to make a change in my life and start to exercise. I started out going 3 days a week loving every minute of it. So then when the first 28-day challenge came I decide to try. I was scared of the unknown and the outcome but with all the support of the staff I knew I could do it.

Then when the 10 challenge came up I knew I was ready for a bigger step to better myself and my health.  At first it seemed overwhelming with all the things we had to do but as the days went on it got easier. Taking pictures everyday, writing down everything that I ate and doing the post on Facebook, however as I started to post on Facebook all the comments from people was very encouraging and that’s what kept me going to finish the race.   
Bootcamp Seattle all ability levels

Getting stronger everyday

Thank you!
Brenda Doyle
P.S. I also forgot to say that I’m very happy with my result that I accomplished during this challenge 30 inches overall and 21 pounds. Would recommend this gym to anyone. Love being a part of the community.
Semi private training at 2.0 next level fitness

Brenda lifting heavy things during semi-private training


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