10-Week Challenge Results (Brenda Doyle)

2.0 Next Level Fitness is full of superstars but if forced to choose the “Life of the Party” I would have to pick Brenda Doyle!

Am I right? 

Brenda has a great attitude, is hilarious, and is ridiculously strong! In fact, we all watch in AWE as she easily picks up the “red one” (70-lb Kettlbell) and proceeds to do a 1:30 farmers carry. Or the time she picked up a 44-lb kettlebell pressed it overhead and then held it for over a min! And I forgot to mention, the whole time she was doing these amazing feats of strength she had the entire gym laughing…

Brenda March 2016 - May 2016

Brenda March 2016 – May 2016

Brenda just completed the 2016 spring challenge and her results were phenomenal. She lost over 20-lbs and 30-inches. She also improved in all aspects of the fitness test. Below is Brenda’s testimonial about her fitness journey thus far with 2.0.
By Brenda Doyle:
Where to begin on my journey? Well here it goes, I remember the first day I walk into 2.0 (September 2015) and Jessica was there to give me the information about the gym and her energy was amazing. After all the information she shared with us I went home and thought about what my next step was and it took me about 2-weeks to decide to try a class and YES I was scared of not being able to do the class! I remember doing the class and being REALLY SORE but at the same time I loved how I felt!  
Bootcamp at 2.0 Next level fitness

Up and over pushups during bootcamp

So at that point I decided to make a change in my life and start to exercise. I started out going 3 days a week loving every minute of it. So then when the first 28-day challenge came I decide to try. I was scared of the unknown and the outcome but with all the support of the staff I knew I could do it.

Then when the 10 challenge came up I knew I was ready for a bigger step to better myself and my health.  At first it seemed overwhelming with all the things we had to do but as the days went on it got easier. Taking pictures everyday, writing down everything that I ate and doing the post on Facebook, however as I started to post on Facebook all the comments from people was very encouraging and that’s what kept me going to finish the race.   
Bootcamp Seattle all ability levels

Getting stronger everyday

Thank you!
Brenda Doyle
P.S. I also forgot to say that I’m very happy with my result that I accomplished during this challenge 30 inches overall and 21 pounds. Would recommend this gym to anyone. Love being a part of the community.
Semi private training at 2.0 next level fitness

Brenda lifting heavy things during semi-private training


Grease the Groove – 30-day push-up experiment

Is it possible to increase your strength by as much as 20% in just 30-days without ever breaking a sweat? Believe it or not, these types of GAINZ are said to be possible if you follow a method called “grease the groove”…

push up experiment (1)


I heard about “greasing the groove” many years ago reading the 4-hour body. Then it recently caught my attention (again) when I heard Pavel Tsatsouline the founder of StrongFirst on the Tim Ferris podcast discussing this method in greater detail. The idea behind “greasing the grove” is that by doing just a few “perfect” reps throughout the day, your strength will increase by improving your neuromuscular efficiency. The key according to Pavel is to “train often but never to failure”

Ok, it is one thing to read about this method and it is another thing to actually apply it, and that’s exactly what I want to do. I want to test this method out for myself. However, I don’t want to do this experiment alone, I am looking for volunteers (the more the merrier) to help me conduct a 30-day push-up experiment.

How it works

Day 1 – Perform as many perfect push-ups* as possible without stopping. This will be your baseline measurement. (For this experiment I want only push-ups on your toes – NO KNEE PUSHUPS! If you can’t do 1-push up on your toes elevate your upper body. The more you elevate your upper body the “lighter” you are).


Upper body Elevated pushup

(*If you want to learn more information on how to perform a perfect push-up check out this great blog by Chief StrongFirst Instructor Karen Smith. Bottom line – a perfect pushup means you creating “stiffness” throughout your body so it moves as one unit. No sagging or “humping the floor”. Also make sure you do full range of motion and pause momentarily at the bottom position before exploding up).

Ok, so you got your baseline measurement, now what? Take that baseline measurement and cut it in half (divide by 2). This number will be the maximum amount of pushups you will conduct at one time during the 30-day experiment.

For example, let’s say for your baseline measurement you did 20 perfect pushups you will now perform no more then 10 push-ups at one time.

For this experiment I want you to do 5-sets of push-ups per day for the first 14-days and 6-sets of push-ups for the last 14-days. The key to this experiment is maximum rest between sets. This means at least 1-hr rest between sets (see below for greater detail).

Not a requirement at all- but as a guide, I recommend push ups at

  • 6am
  • 8am
  • 10am
  • Noon
  • 2pm
  • 4pm
  • 6pm
  • 8pm

This is eight times a day– not five– so you can skip the first couple or last, or miss some in the middle. Of course, you can go any 5 times during the day, as long as they are at least 1-hour apart.

Days 2 – 15:

  • Perform 5-sets of pushups per day, 6-days a week.
  • This equals 50 pushups per day for a total of 300 push-ups for the week (using above example).

Days 16-29:

  • Perform 6-sets of pushups per day, 6-days a week.
  • This equals 60 pushups per day for a total of 360 push-ups for the week (using above example).

Day 30:

  • Retest you push-up max

Experiment Summary

  • Day 1 – Determine push-up max
  • Divide your day 1 push-up max by 2 – This is the amount of pushups to be performed each and every set.
  • Perform your pushups 6 days a week (rest one day a week)
  • Days (2  – 15) – Perform 5 sets of push-ups per day with at least 1-hr break between sets
  • Days (16 – 29) – Perform 6 sets of push-ups per day with at least 1-hr break between sets
  • Day 30 – Retest you push-up max (hopefully your pushup max has increased)

A Few More Details

To signup –  Email your baseline pushup measurement to garett@teamrenon.com with the subject line “Grease the Groove Baseline”. From there- you will receive an invite into a private facebook group. We will use the group to check in on each other and keep everyone on the gainz train.

Thank you in advance for participating. I look forward to seeing your results!

How much do you really know about yourself?

I bet that there is a high possibility that you know much less about yourself than you think.

How do I know? Well because answering one of the most popular self-help/motivational “questions” is actually very, very, VERY HARD! The question is:

“What would you do if money was no longer an issue”?

What is money was no object

Have you ever tried to answer this question? If you never have I must warn you, it’s difficult!

Try it! Go ahead (I’ll wait), close your eyes and take the next 5-mins and think about what you would do if you never had to pay bills again.

READY! Set the timer (on your phone) for 5-mins and go….

Did you come up with a satisfying answer?

If you did congratulations you have just discovered your life’s purpose…

However, if your answer was less than satisfying, it’s OK (most people have a hard time with this question), it just means you need to learn more about yourself. Because the question has nothing to do with money, it’s about TIME. The question is really asking:

What would you DO with yourself if you had nothing but TIME on your hands for the next 30-to-70 years?

Would you stay at your current job? Why or why not?

How would you spend your time?


Would you become an artist? What about a musician? Would you go back to school to finish that degree? Would you complete an Ironman? Would you enter a body building competition? Would you start a charity, if so, for what purpose? Would you finally take your hobby to the next level? Would you write a book? Or would you just lie on the beach all day every day?

The more you think about this question the more complex it becomes. But don’t worry; there is no right or wrong answer. It is your life; it is not up to me or anyone else to tell you what you should do. All you should be concerned with is, what makes you happy.

So again ask yourself – If money was not an issue, what would make you happy?

I ask myself this question all the time and I still don’t have a completely satisfying answer yet. Don’t get me wrong, I would definitely enjoy myself but if I am honest, about what makes me happy it’s having a sense of PURPOSE. We are not meant to merely exist, we are made to CREATE, EVOLVE, IMPROVE, and have a life of MEANING. We are meant to chase HAPPINESS. So while my answers are not completely satisfying (always happy, never satisfied) I do have some answers, I know I would continue to pursue the world of self-improvement but too what level and/or what platform, I am still not sure. But that’s why I always ask myself this question, because every time I answer it I learn something about myself.

And I bet that if you constantly ask yourself “what makes me happy?’ you will continue to learn something about YOU. The more you learn about yourself the easier this question becomes. And the easier this question becomes the more you learn about what makes you happy.


OK, if you are still having a hard time answering this question I can give you one critical piece of information that is guaranteed to help you learn everything you can about yourself.

This crucial tip is – ask yourself WHY? Ask it all the time!!! Why are you currently doing what you are doing? Why do you like the things you like? Why are you making the choices you are making? Asking yourself WHY, gives you an all access pass to your inner-self.

There you have it, ask yourself WHY and learn everything you can about what makes you happy!