10 Week Challenge Results (Cally Orr)

If you are looking for the best program to make a complete healthy lifestyle transformation, look no further than the 10-week challenge.


Meet Cally Orr, a Physician Assistant, and a 10-week challenge graduate who’s getting ready for her wedding day which is fast approaching! To hear more about Cally’s 10 week journey read her interview below.

Before and after

March 2016 – May 2016

The Cally Orr Interview

Besides being an absolute warrior in the gym, what is your day job?

I’m a Physician Assistant.

Do you have any hobbies?

Traveling, hiking, writing.

Kettlebell's shoreline WA

Cally during a Kettlebell class at 2.0

What was your favorite aspect of the challenge?  

The camaraderie. Going through this journey with other people is what makes this so much better than doing it alone. The support you get from the group is amazing!

What was the hardest part about the challenge?

The nutrition! 

CKO Kickboxing Seattle

What motivates you to walk through that door day after day and continue to push yourself?

The 2.0/CKO trainers and the awesome members that I get to see every day when I workout.

What’s one thing you still find yourself struggling with? 

Balance. Not calling days “good” or “bad” but instead learning to incorporate what I’ve learned into a healthy lifestyle that I can take with me anywhere.

What would your advice be to some considering doing a 10 week challenge?

Do it! It will be hard, but it is rewarding.

Kettlebell double front squat

Double Front Squat

Have you tried any other challenges (with our gym or another)- if so what made this one different?

This was my second 10 week challenge with 2.0/CKO. 

What can we do better to help you actualize your true potential? 

Keep it going! Keep the lessons and the motivation going. Work on getting stronger and staying healthy.

Share any relevant information you’d like about yourself that other team members might not know about you.

I’m getting married in less than 4 months, and this challenge has helped me make progress towards my wedding day goals!


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