Facing your fears with Josh Cannaday (Podcast Episode 26)

In this episode of the Team Renon Podcast Garett interview’s Josh Cannaday CKO Seattle/2.0 Next Level Fitness’s Gym Manager. In this episode Josh and Garett talk about everything from facing your biggest fears, to Quantum mechanics, to drinking AYAHUASCA in the jungles of Peru. This podcast is not to be missed.

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Josh Cannaday Hills of Elysium

Josh Cannaday- Hills of Elysium

Show notes

To learn more about Josh’s rock and roll days here is a link to his band Hills of Elysium. Check out this interview here to see what motivated him creatively, spiritually or emotionally and to see some great photos wearing “guy liner”? Trust me, it is worth it!

Help the family of Kirk Deligiannis here

Book “Life after Life” by Raymond Moody

Book: On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins

Book: You are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza

AYAHUASCA documentary – Drink the Jungle. You can stream it free here.



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