The Seattle Barkery with Dawn Ford (Podcast)

Seattle Barkery Podcast with Team Renon

Seattle Barkery

In this episode Garett interviews Dawn Ford who is a member of CKO Kickboxing Seattle and the owner of the Seattle Barkery. The Seattle Barkery is a mobile dog Food truck and coffee bar that specializes in handcrafted dog treats! The Conversion covers everything from healthy food for dogs, the adventures of being a small business owner, and even the keys to overall happiness. If you are a fan of dogs, a healthy lifestyle, or small businesses this podcast does not disappoint!

You can hear the podcast below. However, please subscribe to the Team Renon Podcast on iTunes and leave us a review.

Dawn serving her customers

Dawn serving her customers

Show notes:

The Seattle Barkery – Website

Seattle Barkery Facebook page – Give them a like

Dogwood indoor dog park – The Seattle Barkery has a location inside of this indoor dog park.

Seattle Food Truck Builders – According to Dawn these guys are the best in the business!

Devils play Ground – Documentary

BlackFish – Documentary


One thought on “The Seattle Barkery with Dawn Ford (Podcast)

  1. Need to laugh! Dawn and Ben have been following Fido to go Dog and Cat Treat Food Truck! We have been in business for over 6 years and yes, we have succeeded! And YES, we are the 1st in The Nation and the original! Dawn is a liar! She was fully aware of us prior to her and Ben opening! This is how they got their idea! Neither have any professional education in animal nutrition either! They have no idea what is good for dogs nutritionally. They may know how to walk dogs but that is it! You are talking about 2 people who made a cake for a cat! Cats? They have a different system than dogs! Nice ripping on your customers who pay you too! Unbelievable! I guess you both have a medical degree as well because you both ripped into veteraniarians. Wow! Getting opinions from someone who has absolutely no professional education in the animal industry! Also, fried chicken feet and hearts are NOT good for them when fried! Get professionally educated! Get a permit via tThe City of Seattle which they are NOT! Would you like the email we have from the city? State of Washington has not one of their treats approved! The health department is only for their coffee and human treats! What liars! FYI, we will be promoting the other Seattle Treat Food Truck but NEVER Seattle Barkery! We also do have press and are expanding as well as our truck in California! We have more press than they will ever have because we are the 1st in The Nation and the original! Podcast interviewer should have done his homework prior to this interview!

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