The fitness methods, nutritional advice, health transformations and general ideas are Garett’s own personal thoughts and are not associated with any other organization. This is the official Garett Renon Healthy Life Experiment Blog!

This blog is dedicated to improving your body composition, overall heath, and lifestyle:

Garett graduated from the University of New Mexico in 2005 with a Mechanical Engineering degree. After graduation he spent 7-years as an engineer for the Department of Defense specializing in weapons effects testing. While that job may sound cool, during those 7-years Garett worked for the big governmental “machine” he was miserable!  He felt he was nothing more than another “cog in the machine”, more specifically just another cog in the military industrial complex. Towards the end of his career in the government Garett felt the urge to “unplug from the Matrix”, he had an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for fitness so Garett started to focus and how he could make the transition from a GS-12 (government rank) to a gym owner.

Which would you choose?

Which would you choose?

While Garett may not have enjoyed his time working for the government all that much, there was a bright-side, it was where he met his wife. They were both physically active and were both competing in triathlons when they met. They started competing together having done numerous races when they decided to challenge themselves and actually conduct a race together. Over the next two years they conducted 5 different, 5-k races. These races while very small, were very successful, and even reinforced their love of fitness! These 5K races got Garett (and his wife) excited about expanding their fitness business into a fitness center. At this point Garett finally decided to take the “Red Pill” and finally unplug fro the Matrix and hasn’t looked back since.

Garett and his wife Jessica are now the owner of CKO Kickboxing Seattle and 2.0 Next Level Fitness both located in Seattle Washington.

A little bit more about Garett:

Garett started his fitness journey in 2007 when he became both a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor teaching everything from spin, to bootcam, to kickboxing. He now owns two successful gyms, has a successful blog (Healthy Life Experiment) and a successful podcast with his wife (Team Renon Podcast).

Since beginning his fitness journey Garett has committed to researching all elements of fitness and nutrition. He specializes in the very efficient/effective functional movement training methods employing everything from kickboxing to kettlebells to barbell training to yoga!

Garett believe that “your body is your only true vehicle for this world and should be treated with the utmost respect and care”. He also believes that our quality of life is most directly related to how well our body looks and functions.

Garett believes the 3 most import aspects for achieving a fit, healthy body are:

Developing overall strength – a pure strength foundation will not only improve your Garett Renonbody composition, it will also significantly improve your quality of life and even improve athletic performance! Strong is sexy!

What you eat affects your body composition, general health, energy level, and mental status more than any training program.

Without proper rest and recovery your progress will quickly plateau.


  • SFG Level I Certified (StrongFirst Level 1 Kettlebell)
  • American Council of Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer
  • Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Certified
  • StrongFirst – 8hr SFG Kettlebell Course
  • Head Trainer for 2.0 Next Level Fitness
  • CKO Certified Kickboxing trainer – Head Trainer for CKO Seattle
  • 12-hr Olympic lifting seminar Conducted by Coach Joaquin Chavez a level 4 US International Weight lifting Coach
  • Certified Personal Trainer (FiTour)
  • Certified Group Fitness Trainer (NAFTA, FiTour, Defined Fitness)
  • Certified Spin Instructor (FiTour, Defined Fitness)
  • Certified Nutrition Specialist
  • Completed over 30 triathlons
  • Completed MovNat Expansion workshop
  • 20 years of competitive soccer


Photoshoot April 2014

Photoshoot April 2014

Book/Articles by Garett:

Book- The Self-Sabotage Guide: 9 behaviors preventing you from becoming Stronger, Faster, and Sexier

Contributing Author for: 

Women’s Fitness – Kickboxing for Women

Contact Garett:  garett@ckokickboxing.com


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