10-Week Challenge Success Story (Kathy Lange)

It was a real pleasure training Kathy. She came to me at the end of 2013 and told me she was ready for change, she told me she wanted to become stronger and healthier version of herself. Not only that, she also told me she had a 10-day Hawaiian vacation planned in 10-weeks and wanted/needed to look her absolute best. I loved the fact that she had a goal and a timeline associated with that goal. We wasted no time and got right to work!

What could you accomplish in 10-weeks?

4.75-inches off her waist! What could you accomplish in 10-weeks?

Our first session was definitely a shock to Kathy, I almost thought she was going to quit, but she showed up again the next day and pushed even harder. Kathy will tell you herself that it was hard, the diet was hard, the workouts were hard, the 10-week commitment was hard, but she realized that nothing was harder or scarier than not being able to keep pace with her grand-kids.

Kathy made great progress in 10-weeks and the best part, after her 10-day vacation she came right back to the gym and picked up right were she left off. Her days of starting and stopping a healthy lifestyle are over, she has made the healthy lifestyle transformation. So I would like to personally congratulate Kathy Lange for making health a big priority in her life! Below are her results for 10-weeks:


Not only did she lose inches, she also improved her posture!

Body measurements:

  • Total inches lost in 10-weeks = 15.25 inches (including 4.75 inches off waist)
  • Total weight lost in 10-weeks = 22-lbs!

Fitness Test Results:

  • 1-min push-up = +11
  • 1-min Squat = + 12
  • 1-min sit-ups (crunches) = + 10
  • 300 yard shuttle run = – 1:06 (ran faster)
  • Plank = + 1:16 (longer)
  • Wall sit = + 1:07 (longer)


Written by Kathy Lange:

About four months ago I started to realize that I had a really hard time getting out of my car after work.  I am a hair stylist, been doing it for years, and this type of work requires me to stand for many hours. After standing all day at work my knees, back and hips would stiffen up during my short 15 min drive home. To say the least, this really scared me, at 59 years old I realized that I had become a physical “train wreck”. I started to notice that my whole body would “always” hurt and in fact I was so sore and still that I stopped taking my regular walks around the neighborhood. This got me thinking about my future. What kind of a grandmother will I be?  Scary thoughts. At this moment I decided I was going to FINALLY make a change. See in the past I have started and stopped more diets and exercise programs  than I would like to admit. I don’t know if there is some record for starting and stopping but if there is, I bet I am in the top 10 (sadly).

Kathy working out next to her daughter Dayna :)

Kathy working out next to her daughter Dayna 🙂

My niece  has been a CKO member for a while and absolutely loves it. She got my daughter to come and they decided my sister and I could manage this work out. It is so funny, we were scared but we (my sister and I) came and we joined. I really can’t explain what it is about kickboxing that I like, I would never want to hit anybody, but I like hitting the bag. The CKO group is pretty special too, everyone is so friendly and so positive, it’s a good place to be.

I notice at the end of 2013 that there has been a few 10-week challenges in the past. It just so happened that in 10-weeks I would be in Hawaii. I talked to Garett
and he put together a program for me. I agreed to the program and payed my money, now I’m in. Of course I could quit if it got to hard, remember I may hold a record at that. It was hard. I kept telling Garett that I am a delicate flower, but he didn’t care. Thank goodness, I made it with great results. I am a work in progress, lots left to do, but I am getting stronger everyday. The Paleo diet is great for me, I don’t even miss the grains. I do still struggle with sugar but I’m working on it. I feel like this is a lifestyle that will work for me the rest of my life.

Kathy did 40 workouts in 40 days. How did you start 2014?

Kathy did 40 workouts in 40 days. How did you start 2014?

This journey has made me realize that I am responsible for my health and everything I do, good or bad has consequences. I realized that I had created my unhealthy body, so if I wanted to change I had to CHANGE my habits.  The 10-week challenge definitely made me a stronger person both physically and mentally.

Thank you Garett and CKO!

~Kathy Lange


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