Robin Rogers

Oct 06, 2013:

This is just part 1 of the story! That is because there is going to be a part 2 of this story. Robin has a very specific fitness goal she has been working on since July 2013  and we are so very close to achieving this fitness goal but that is part 2 of the story…

Now on to the story at hand (part 1):

We have reached another milestone at CKO Seattle and that is having our first member reach 250 classes! Congratulations to Robin Rogers! This is amaizing as CKO Seattle has only been open for 1 year and 2 months, that averages out to taking a class every 1.62 days! So Robin either really loves CKO or she is very dedicated, I am guessing both 😉 .

Robin August 2012, 1-month at CKO

Robin August 2012, 1-month at CKO

Robin showed up to our Grand opening extremely out of shape. When she walked through our doors, she couldn’t run one lap, do a push-up, or even finish the class.  In fact, Robin only started running laps about 4-months into joining. But despite this she had a goal in mind,  to be able to fit in a 10-year old pair of jeans. Seems odd? but these jeans were what she wore right before she met her husband and also represent her healthiest weight.

Getting stronger and healthier everyday!

Getting stronger and healthier everyday!

Robin signed up for our first ever 10-week challenge. Her results from the first challenge were good, but her biggest success was getting into better shape.  Robin then took our 2nd 10-week challenge in January 2013. The results of this challenge were very similar to the first challenge, improving endurance and strength, and now being able to do push-ups, run laps and complete workouts without stopping. That’s right it took Robin, about 8-months and 2, 10-week challenges to get in good enough shape so she could actually start doing what I would consider as proper workouts! It also worth noting that it took Robin about 8-months to finally commit and embrace the change that comes with commiting to a healthy lifestyle (the mental aspect). Before this point Robin wasn’t embracing change very well, always questing and debating* about what foods to eat and how much she should be working out.

First ever CKO Seattle Bootcamp "after" photo.

First ever CKO Seattle Bootcamp “after” photo.

*I soon learned that debating is just in her nature . We have “debated” everything from, bathroom cleanness, to my music selection, to what beverages CKO is allowed to sell, right down to the very size of the fridge thats sells our debated drinks 😉

It is now April 2013, 8-months into her CKO fitness journey, her body is now ready for proper training, and she also became a believer that her first CKO goal (fitting in those jeans) was attainable! Then having reached this point of attainability, she immediately signed up for personal training. We have been doing 2 to 3 personal sessions a week since the April 28, 2013.

Challenge number 2 complete!

Challenge number 2 complete!

At this point, I am  starting to realize that I am glad to have the opportunity to personally train, Robin, because I get to know her as a person. Over the course of this journey she has become extremely dedicated to living a healthier lifestyle. Robin is not only dedicated I also discovered she has a competitive side too, wanting to win the Got to get hot to be hot club (CKO’s monthly member attendance recognition). Robin is an accountant so she is very detailed and quickly started tracking how many classes she was attending because she didn’t trust me or the computer system (haha!). Literally “debating” with me on what felt like a daily basis, about the computer not properly logging her class check-ins. According to Robin she reached the 250 class mark 2 months ago (LOL)!



In July 2013 one year after Robin first walked into CKO, she was able to fit into those jeans again! But also realizing that she was just getting started and she was no where near her reaching her full fitness potential she quickly came up with a new goal! See those 10-year old jeans were a size 14, now she wants to be a size 6! That is the goal we are currently working on obtaining, and we are very close!

But this 250th class does represents a significant milestone, the point in the journey where Robin realizes that a complete healthy lifestyle transformation is within reach, what at one point seemed nearly impossible has suddenly come within just an arms reach away! But that is part 2 of the journey…



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