The Bad Hombre

New Kickboxing bag combo.

This combo starts while you are outside of arms length of the bag. You then throw a jab, cross (which misses the bag) while stepping towards the bag. Once you are near the bag unleash 3 powerful hooks.


“Missing” leads to opportunities

New kickboxing combo/trainer tip.

“Sometimes missing leads to new opportunities”

This combo consists of a “missed” front kick, rear elbow, lead hook, rear roundhouse.

Give this combo a try, it’s a lot of fun.

The Tao of Work With Jeff Cornell

In this episode Garett talks to long time CKO Kickboxing Seattle member Jeff Cornell about what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. Jeff Cornell is an award winning tattoo artist in Seattle and is also the owner of Hidden Hand Tattoo Shop. Hidden Hand has been a highly successful shop for nearly 10-years. Garett and Jeff talk about what it takes to run a small business and the importance of taking it “one step at a time”. If you are curious about the keys to success, this is the podcast for you.

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CKO Seattle, Jeff Cornell, hidden hand tattoo

Jeff Cornell at CKO Kickboxing


Show notes:

Hidden Hand Tattoo Shop

Tao at work: On Leading and Following by Stanley M. Herman

CKO Trainer Tip (How To Throw A Cross)

How To Throw A Cross

The cross is a straight punch (just like the jab). However this punch is thrown with the rear hand and accompanied with a slight twist of the hips and a “pushing” of the back foot. As a result the Cross is a very powerful punch

CKO Trainer Tip (How to hit the heavy bag)

Do you get sore knuckles after hitting the bag?

In addition to using proper hand protection you should also make sure you are hitting the bag properly. Hitting the bag the right way will prevent kickboxing injuries and keep you safe. The key is proper knuckle placement.