The Bad Hombre

New Kickboxing bag combo.

This combo starts while you are outside of arms length of the bag. You then throw a jab, cross (which misses the bag) while stepping towards the bag. Once you are near the bag unleash 3 powerful hooks.


“Missing” leads to opportunities

New kickboxing combo/trainer tip.

“Sometimes missing leads to new opportunities”

This combo consists of a “missed” front kick, rear elbow, lead hook, rear roundhouse.

Give this combo a try, it’s a lot of fun.

CKO Trainer Tip (How To Throw A Front Kick)

How To Throw A Front Kick

Time to use those long, powerful legs and learn some kicks. Today we’re front kickin’ our way to fitness. Snap the kick out there, while striking the bag with the ball of your foot. If possible you should try to hit the bag at about chest height. Remember, to always strike the bag as it comes towards you.

CKO Trainer Tip (How To Throw A Cross)

How To Throw A Cross

The cross is a straight punch (just like the jab). However this punch is thrown with the rear hand and accompanied with a slight twist of the hips and a “pushing” of the back foot. As a result the Cross is a very powerful punch

10 Week Challenge Results (Megan Megan)

If you are looking for the best program to make a complete healthy lifestyle transformation, look no further than the 10-week challenge.


Meet Megan Megan, an accountant, a fitness meme junkie, a 10-week challenge graduate, and a gym badass who is deathly afraid of getting a callus on her delicate hands (lol).  In fact after one Kettlebell class, Megan was on the verge of developing a few callus, so what did she do? She named her baby calluses after all the people giving her a hard time about her “soft hands”.

calluses from Kettlebells

Is that 4 calluses forming? I am honored to have 2 named after me (even though she spelled my name wrong lol)

Over the course of the 10-weeks Megan lost 13-inches and 9-lbs and but most importantly gain a lot of strength! To hear more about her journey read her testimonial below:


2.0 Next level fitness before and after

March 2016 – May 2016

Testimonial by Megan Megan
A little bit about me: I am a bean counter aka accountant for a property development company in Edmonds. Outside of the gym, you can find me hanging out with family and friends, traveling and exploring new places, and hiking (in the summer)…
I began my 2016 fitness quest by signing up for the 40/40 challenge, which meant 40 workouts in 40 days, and by the 2nd week, I knew I had a good enough routine to conquer it with ease. I also learned that at the end of this challenge, there would a another opportunity to prove my prowess..” The Cinco” 5 kickboxing classes in 1 day, and signed up for it immediately. 
CINCO 5 classes one day CKO Kickboxing

CINCO Saturday (Feb 2016)

This meant that I had to increase my stamina by double and triple kickboxing classes to build more endurance and earn my Cinco shirt… the rules were you had to do ALL 5 classes to get it. So off I went, hitting the bag 5 days a week..and that Saturday morning, I earned it! Yaay Megan!
Then they announced about the upcoming Spring 10 week challenge and I signed after hearing about all the success stories from former participants.
Kettlebell class 2.0 Next level fitness

Kettlebell class at 2.0

The challenge required us to log all of our meals on the my fitness pal app, take daily selfies and post our workouts on social media. I was fine with this till I read about social media, and for a long time I debated whether I should do the challenge.. I was not on Facebook and did not want to be on it, but since I wanted to earn my money back, I had to cave and create an account and discovered memes. 
Kettlebell memes

One of the many memes Megan has become “famous” for posting

As the weeks went by, it became easier and felt more natural to work out, log food and take the daily selfie. The one thing I appreciated most was the weekly recommendations from Carla. She totally overhauled my relationship with “bad foods” (meat, eggs, carbs and fat) and once I made the switch then the results started showing. By the end of the challenge I lost 9lbs, and the 13 inches off my body in 10 weeks.
2.0 semi-private training Shoreline WA

Drop it like a squat

My 10 week challenge was a major success, not only did I loose weight and inches, I have also increased my strength and now I  am on my way to becoming a power lifter and a member of the #gainzgang. 
Deadlift PR, 2.0 Next level fitness

Deadlift PR – 265 lbs!!!

I highly recommend everyone to do the 10 week challenge, it’s a life changer!  I couldn’t have done this without the amazing staff at CKO and 2.0fit  and the Spring 10 week members, we did it! 
Girls who lift at 2.0 Next Level Fitness

Getting stronger everyday