Plan Accordingly

Life will always throw us curveballs. So If working out 3 times a week is important to you, you must plan accordingly.


Consistency Rant with Apology

On Friday October 7th, 2016 I made a rant video about Consistency. This video did not come out as intended. You can see the video below:

After posting this video I realized I got caught up in the moment and I probably should not have told people to quit or give up. This gets addressed in the apology video shown below:

While my intention was never to come across as mean or negative in the original video, the theme of the video remains the same. And that theme is to inspire or motivate people to make time for themselves. Making time for you own self-improvement might be the most import investment you will ever make.  While the original consistency video may not be a “home run” I am not giving up! So the motivation videos, podcast, and blogs will continue, I will just work on choosing my words better.

Stay Strong my Friends!

Video 15: “The Little Things”

When it comes to understanding the importance of the dealing with smaller details of life (AKA the “little things”) Ray Lewis said it best…

“Greatness is a lot of small things done well, stacked up on each other” – Ray Lewis

For example when it comes to working out, showing up for your workout is a “big thing“. But what about the “little things” that effect your workout, such as your attitude, is it positive or negative? What about your mindset while doing the workout? Are you fully engaged or are you just going through the motions? What about the food you ate last night, was it healthy? How much sleep did you get the night before? Your attitude, mindset, diet, and sleep are all “little things” that can significantly influence the outcome of your workout.

So therefore it is critical to take care of the little things…

Video 12 Return on Investment

Do you have to make sacrifices in order to achieve success? There is a common mindset where people believe the only way to get in shape and lose weight is to sacrifice their time, money, energy, and favorite foods.

But is this true?

Let’s stop making sacrifices and START MAKING INVESTMENTS!


Video 11 Time to Finish Strong!

Champions are usually crowned during the 4th quarter…

Now that it is the 4th quarter of 2015 I need you to ask yourself one question:

Are you going to rise up like a champion or are you going to crumble under the pressure?

It’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish!

4 simple steps to help you finish this year strong:

1. Get more sleep
2. Eat Better food
3. Find time to work out
4. Turn of the TV

It is time to become that champion!