10 Week Challenge Results (Kim Gosnell)

If you are looking for the best program to make a complete healthy lifestyle transformation, look no further than the 10-week challenge.


Meet Kim Gosnell, a Group Operations agent at Europe Express who has discovered a new hobby, a new community and a new outlook on life! During the challenge Kim lost nearly 23-lbs, 14-inches, and improved all aspects of her fitness test! To hear more about her challenge read her interview below.

Kim Gosnell 10-week challenge before and after

Kim Gosnell (March 2016-May 2016)

The Kim Gosnell Interview

Besides being an absolute warrior in the gym, what is your day job? 

I am a Group Operations agent at Europe Express. I assist groups in traveling throughout Europe and other parts of the world in both small and large groups. Logistics is the focus of my job. I do drive a desk all day which is one more reason why my new fitness journey is important to my lifestyle.

Do you have any hobbies? 

My latest and greatest hobby is kickboxing! I love it and have reaped many benefits from this new relationship with the heavy bag at CKO! I also love to participate in my nieces lives and help “taxi” them to their various practices. One niece is a gymnast (age 8) and the other is a swimmer (age 13). They bring such joy to my life and I can’t imagine not devoting a good bit of time and energy to participating in their lives. I also have a new interest in hiking. Some of the great people I have met at CKO have invited and encouraged me to start hiking. I can see why they find such great benefits from it and I plan to spend some time with them this summer hiking and just taking in the beautiful part of the world we live in.

CKO Seattle real people

Kim enjoying her new hobby

How did you learn about the challenge and was it a hard decision to signup?

I was inspired and encouraged to participate in the 10-week challenge from my good friend Michaela Won, who achieved a great deal of success in the Fall challenge. Her positive attitude and perseverance to better herself set an example I was motivated to follow. Taking her advice and signing up for the challenge was one of the best things I have ever done so I am thankful that she gave me that push I needed at just the right time.

CKO Kickboxing

Kim and Michaela loving CKO Kickboxing

What was your favorite aspect of the challenge?

I loved the encouragement and support given by both the trainers and other challengers. I felt like we were “cheered on” during the ups and downs of the 10-week journey. Each person had their own unique experience which helped me realize that we all have our own path and we can still encourage and support each other along the way, even if our paths aren’t parallel. There is a beauty in recognizing the differences we have with others. I found myself embracing my own uniqueness and appreciating it in others. I have stopped comparing myself to others and coming up short, something I have struggled with and continue to struggle with at times.

What was the hardest part about the challenge?

The meal planning/shopping/preparation was something I struggled with at times. Taking the time to really plan out my week and have the necessary foods available was something I really had to make a conscious effort to do. It was one of the most beneficial parts of the 10-week challenge because in some ways it took the most effort and discipline. It was not something I liked when I started but it is now something I believe in to be successful. I will continue to do my best to do the “clean eating” routine and I know that if I do so it will make me feel better and I will continue to see results.

What motivates you to walk through that door day after day and continue to push yourself? 

I love the way I feel when I walk out the door after a class and that motivates me to walk in. I also have a sense of pride when I go in and accomplish a grueling workout because there are days when I feel like “I can’t do it” and then I do! That feels great! I love feeling like I am a part of a community of people that are on the journey to better themselves. What a great place to be! Self-discovery and a renewed sense of self-worth are only a couple of the benefits of walking through the door day after day.

CKO Kickboxing community. Seattle. Shoreline

Kim (right) – The CKO Community is strong

What’s one thing you still find yourself struggling with?

I often find that my biggest “doubter” or “hater” is myself. Not feeling like I am “enough” is a very self-defeating attitude and mindset. CKO/2.0 has taught me to change that attitude and no longer hold the pity party that no one wants to attend. Starting the 10-week challenge was new and exciting and I didn’t find it a struggle. Sticking with it had its moments but I kept pushing through. Now I face the challenge of continuing to incorporate the things I learned into my lifestyle. This kind of challenge will go on and on and I will need to seek support from the awesome people I had the privilege to meet during the challenge. Those of us on this journey need to stick together to achieve the goals we set out to conquer.  

What would your advice be to some considering doing a 10 week challenge? 

Go for it! It has changed my life and I believe it can be a positive experience for anyone, no matter what their “why” is going to be. Sticking to something for 10-weeks builds a whole lot of confidence and self-respect. The valuable lessons I learned during the challenge can be applied to so many parts of your life. Embrace it and reap the benefits!

Have you tried any other challenges (with our gym or another)- if so what made this one different? 

I have tried multiple diets, programs, fads, even weight loss surgery. All of them produced short term results but did not foster a new lifestyle that stuck. This program became something I just love to do! I know that I will face the ups and downs of this fitness journey but I feel pretty well equipped to handle it. I look forward to future 10-week challenges to continue to build this foundation that I so desperately needed.

December 2004 before surgery

December 2004 before weight loss surgery

What can we do better to help you actualize your true potential?

Keep offering the same supportive environment you offer right now. Keep hosting these 10-week challenges, as well as the other events you offer. Keep demonstrating to those of us who need that positive example that a fitness journey is nothing to dread or dislike it is something to embrace and enjoy. You have taught me that it is ok to be at the level I am and still find success. I didn’t feel intimidated to join CKO, I felt welcome and encouraged to have my own personal experience with it. Just me and the bag, at my own fitness level was ok. I didn’t have to be anything but me and that was enough. A foundation to build upon. I believe that CKO/2.0 offers the tools needed to reach our ongoing potential.

Share any relevant information you’d like about yourself that other team (CKO/2.0) members might not know about you.

I have struggled all my life with my weight and body image. I was athletic in high school and college but quickly became overweight after I graduated from college because I seemed to lose direction and motivation. I went from a diet of Dexetrim, apples and diet coke in high school to various attempts at weight loss programs since then. I eventually made the extreme decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery in 2005 after I reached my top weight of 308 lbs. I was by no means healthy when I went from 308 lbs to 129 lbs in a very short time. The side effects of that loss were not good. I was malnourished and very “skinny” and weak at one point and it wasn’t a good look for me. I eventually gained back a lot of the weight. I joined CKO in late September and weighed about 211 lbs. I knew I needed to find something that would work or I would get back to that 300-lb mark eventually. I am so happy with the results I have experienced since I made the decision to join CKO.

New hobbies lead to new friends and new experiences

Kim (Middle) – New hobbies lead to new friends and new experiences


My results for the 10-week challenge are:
  • Starting weight: 199.6 lbs
  • Ending weight: 176.8 lbs (22.8 lb lost)
  • Body measurement: 14 inches lost
  • Body Fat: started at 35.6%, ended at 30% (5.6% loss)

Fitness test:

  • 2-min push-ups – started at 29, ended at 47
  • 2-min goblet squats – started at 53, ended at 72
  • 2-min sit-ups – started at 56, ended at 68
  • 2-min dead hang – started at 53 seconds, ended at 1 min 10 seconds

A huge thanks to Jessica, Garett, Rod, Jon, Josh, Carla and all the other trainers that helped make this challenge successful. The other challengers were a large part of my success as well, as they set an example in continuing onward and taking it slow and steady along the way. My mantra for the challenge was “building a healthier, stronger me, one day at a time.” I am excited to continue that way as I trek along this fitness journey, this life journey I am on.