How To Improve Your Knee Strikes

CKO Trainer tip!

The knee is one of the most beneficial yet underutilized strikes. A proper knee strike uses your nearly every muscle in your body including your cardiovascular system.

However these benefits only occur if done properly.

Here’s the tip – slow it down! Yes slow the “speed” down and focus on power. Focus on driving your knee all the way through the bag while simultaneously pulling the bag into you!

Give it a try it is a game changer. 💪🏼


CKO Trainer Tip (How To Throw A Knee Strike )

How To Throw A Knee Strike

The Knee strike is extremely powerful and a kickboxing classic! Like the front kick, the key is to get your thigh parallel to the ground and then drive your hips forward. Make sure that the “knee strikes the bag” opposed of the “bag striking the knee”…