The most common patterns of SUCCESS (Challenge)!

There is no secret formula for success. In fact, if you know where to look or what to look for you will see that the formula for success is hiding in plain sight, it is everywhere…

There is a well-known “Martial Arts” book titled The Book of 5 Ringswritten by the legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi circa 1645. This book is not only popular with martial artist, it is also highly regarded amongst many high performing entrepreneurs because of its “defeat your enemy” and “become a master of your craft” message.


One of my favorite quotes from this book is:

“If you know the way broadly, you will see it in everything.”

This means that the patterns of success are the same for everybody and once you begin to recognize these patterns, you will see them everywhere. In other words, the journey to become a world-class athlete, or a world famous chef, or a platinum level recording artist is nearly identical to the path of the successful small business owner, successful teacher, successful real estate agent, successful mom/dad, and even a successful fitness transformation. No matter what your goals or aspirations the pattern of success is nearly is the same for everyone.

Think about this for a second…The pattern of success is nearly the same for everyone…


“You fight the way you practice”

This means that if you want to become successful you should start recognizing these patters of success, ASAP!

BUT, before you can recognize them, you have to know what to look for…

To help you locate these successful habits (or patterns) I have listed several that I have noticed while doing this exact exercise. They are:

Patterns of Success

  • Passion – All successful people find some enjoyment in their journey towards greatness.
  • Hard Work – Successful people ALWAYS do more then the bare minimum.
  • Goal setting – All successful people have clearly defined goals.
  • Continuing education – You are either growing or remaining the same (getting worse). Successful people never stop learning
  • Open-minded – Successful people try to learn something from nearly every situation they encounter.
  • Meditation – Many successful people take time for themselves and do so form of meditation be it breathing exercises, moving mediation (exercise), or spending time in nature. There are many forms of “meditation”, the key is finding a balance between the physical world and the mental world.
  • Consistency – This is the most import factor in achieving success. It’s all about the daily pursuit of excellence

Ok, here is your challenge/homework:


Find 5 successful people, it can be anybody, famous people or your “next door neighbor”, it doesn’t matter as long as you view them as successful. I want you to learn everything you can about what makes them successful. Find out about their goal setting process. Find out about their daily habits/routines. Learn about how they overcame obstacles, etc…

For “famous people” use the power of the Internet; look for interviews, or books, or podcasts to learn about their success habits.

If it is your “next door neighbor”, conduct the interview yourself. Ask them about their “story”…

After you have done some research on these five people please answer the questions below and post them in the comments section:

  • What are some of the common themes (success patterns) you found?
  • Did you find anything else to add to the list above?
  • What is the one pattern that you find you need most work on?

You have two weeks to complete this challenge. GO!!!