Facing your fears with Josh Cannaday (Podcast Episode 26)

In this episode of the Team Renon Podcast Garett interview’s Josh Cannaday CKO Seattle/2.0 Next Level Fitness’s Gym Manager. In this episode Josh and Garett talk about everything from facing your biggest fears, to Quantum mechanics, to drinking AYAHUASCA in the jungles of Peru. This podcast is not to be missed.

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Josh Cannaday Hills of Elysium

Josh Cannaday- Hills of Elysium

Show notes

To learn more about Josh’s rock and roll days here is a link to his band Hills of Elysium. Check out this interview here to see what motivated him creatively, spiritually or emotionally and to see some great photos wearing “guy liner”? Trust me, it is worth it!

Help the family of Kirk Deligiannis here

Book “Life after Life” by Raymond Moody

Book: On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins

Book: You are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza

AYAHUASCA documentary – Drink the Jungle. You can stream it free here.



Take care of your own SHIT!

Many of us fly so often that we usually ignore the “incase of an emergency” safety brief delivered by the flight attendants. However there is one phrase uttered during this brief that has a much deeper meaning than just “in-flight safety”. That phase is:

 If you are traveling with small children, please put your mask on first before helping others…

Put your mask on first

Have you thought about what that statement actually means?

The flight crew is basically saying, “If you faint or die as a result of not being able to breath, then you are of no help to your family. This means that in order to help anyone with anything, you must first be capable of performing the task yourself. For example, if you are weak, out-of-shape, and unhealthy and the “shit goes down” you will most likely be a liability instead of an asset…

Take care of yourself first

In early June of 2016 I found myself with 35-lbs strapped to my back hiking through the hills of Spokane, Washington for 12-hrs straight while constantly being yelled at by a couple of former Navy Seals who despite being in their 50’s looked like they could still whip some ass!

I was participating in SEAL FIT 20x Challenge which is basically a small glimpse into Hell Week! Over the course of 12-hrs we rucked (hiking with added weight) over 25-miles carrying 35-lbs. In addition to the rucking we ran hills, did hundreds of burpees, pushups, squats and pull-ups. We were also subjected to cold water and many group challenges that forced us to work as a team. As you can probably imagine this Challenge was the real deal and by far one of the hardest 12-hr stretches of my life.

This event taught me a lot about not only myself and what I was capable of, it also taught me a lot about life…

This event was all about the TEAM! And like a team we started together and we finished together. But it is much more complicated than that. A TEAM is only as strong and as fast as it’s weakest members. Leaving people behind was not an option. This meant that if some one wasn’t pulling their own weight we as a team had to carry it for them. And that’s exactly what happened…

SEAL FIT 20x "Secured" Spokane Washington

SEAL FIT 20x “Secured”

Despite having clear physical standards there were a few people that showed up to the event highly under-prepared. As I mentioned earlier we were all carrying 35-lbs in our backpacks. Well just a few hours into this challenge we had a couple of teammates who just could not keep pace with the rest of the group. The solution was to take their packs and take turns carrying it. This meant that you were carrying not only your pack but the pack of someone else. So instead of carrying 35-lbs like everyone else you now had to carry 70-lbs because others could not carry their “own weight”.

As the day went on these certain teammates became more and more of a liability to the team! It was fascinating because I quickly realized that if everyone just took care of their own shit and carried their own weight, we as a team would have moved much faster and accomplished much more!

I then realized that the same is true for life. How many people in today’s society are under-prepared and dependent on other people to survive? There are far too many people just hoping, wishing, and waiting for something or someone to come and improve their life. These people spend more time and effort worry about our next President, then they spend towards improving their own life!



If you want to make your life and even the world a better place you must first start with yourself and your local community. Before you doing anything else you should first – Take care of your health, feed your mind (continue your education), help your neighbors, improve your strength, eat better, meditate, and spend more time with your family and friends. In other words, TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN SHIT FIRST!!! Honestly the world would be much better if we all just did our part and “carried our own weight”. So from this day on, make it your personal mission to tie up all your “loose ends” before worrying about what other people are doing! Because we as humans are only as good as our weakest members.

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