Did That Just Happen – Talking politics with Jen Rash

In this episode Garett talks to CKO/2.0 Member Jen Rash about the 2016 Presidential Election. This most recent election is one that will definitely go down into the record books as the most insane election ever. Garett and Jen don’t waste anytime and start the podcast off full throttle. Enjoy!

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Jen Rash CKO Kickboxing Seattle

Jen Rash grew up in El Paso, TX and moved to Seattle in 2002 to attend UW where she studied Communications. She has been a member at both CKO Kickboxing Seattle and 2.0 Next Level Fitness for just over 1-year. Over the course of this year she has become “much stronger”, and “much saner” (her word). Jen is a Senior Account Manager at PRR, which is a full service communications firm in downtown Seattle. Jen has worked on everything from the SR 99 Bored Tunnel, to the Surprised by Shoreline campaign.