Life as a Fitness professional With Nikki Vaughan (Podcast)

In this episode Garett talks to personal training superstar Nikki Vaughan about all things fitness. Nikki is wellness specialist/personal trainer in the Seattle area who is also a triathlete and avid horse rider who regularly compete in Eventing. Eventing is the only sport where men and women compete on equal terms. Garett and Nikki talk about what’s it’s like leaving a high paying “corporate” job to become a fitness trainer. In addition Garett and Nikki discuss the importance of goal setting, the trainer/client relationship, motivating clients, the media’s effect on body image and much, much, more. This podcast was a lot of fun!

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Garett Renon and Nikki Vaughan at CKO Kickboxing team renon podcast

Garett and Nikki

Show notes:

Nikki K Fitness


Who you voting for? The Kristina Willson Interview

In this episode Garett interviews 2.0 Next Level Fitness’s newest personal trainer Kristina Willson. The conversation starts off about the importance of goal setting then quickly turns into a discussion about the state of our health care system and our current Presidential candidates. This interview is a lot of fun!

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Kristina Willson (Center)

Kristina Willson (Center)

Show notes:

Michael Moore article “Trump Is Self-Sabotaging His Campaign Because He Never Really Wanted The Job In The First Place

Recommended Documentary with Noam Chomsky – Requiem for the American Dream

Book recommendation – Magicians of the Gods by Graham Hancock


Facing your fears with Josh Cannaday (Podcast Episode 26)

In this episode of the Team Renon Podcast Garett interview’s Josh Cannaday CKO Seattle/2.0 Next Level Fitness’s Gym Manager. In this episode Josh and Garett talk about everything from facing your biggest fears, to Quantum mechanics, to drinking AYAHUASCA in the jungles of Peru. This podcast is not to be missed.

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Josh Cannaday Hills of Elysium

Josh Cannaday- Hills of Elysium

Show notes

To learn more about Josh’s rock and roll days here is a link to his band Hills of Elysium. Check out this interview here to see what motivated him creatively, spiritually or emotionally and to see some great photos wearing “guy liner”? Trust me, it is worth it!

Help the family of Kirk Deligiannis here

Book “Life after Life” by Raymond Moody

Book: On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins

Book: You are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza

AYAHUASCA documentary – Drink the Jungle. You can stream it free here.


Know Thy Self (Podcast episode 24)

After a long hiatus, Garett and Jessica are back too discuss all things fitness. In this episode they talk about their gym’s current 10-week challenge and why a challenge (in general) maybe exactly what you need to get you over that fitness “plateau”.


Garett and Jessica also discuss why weight gain can be common at different times throughout your fitness journey.

Then the conversation suddenly takes a turn toward to the zombie apocalypse (again). What 5 exercises/equipment would Garett and Jessica use during the apocalypse?

Lastly Garett and Jessica talk about 5 factors that prevent people from reaching their goals.

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The Entitlement Generation (Podcast Episode 23)

Harrison trophy post_1439740014942_22785118_ver1.0_640_480


Today the Team Renon Podcast is proud to have Josh Cannaday as a special guest… James Harrison went on social media telling the world that he made his young boys return their participation trophies. In this episode Garett, Jessica, and Josh discuss this topic as well as the current trend of kids and even adults feeling entitled.

The topics then move on to constructive criticism. Finally, the podcast is wrapped up by discussing the hip hinge clinic and the upcoming 21-day habit hack!


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“Going too Far” (Podcast Episode 22)

Is it possible to go too far?


From Monkeys to cyborgs–In this episode we talk about everything from the 1000-lb club, too Ninja training, too Movnat, too the progression of the human race, FatWater, and even Damns.

More information on topics discussed:

Damnation documentary:

Lily drone:

Movnat equipment:

Sapiens book: 

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Too close for comfort

Podcast Episode 18


If you had to choose between having the ability to fly or be invisible, what would you choose?  In this episode Garett and Jessica discuss this topic and what your answer may say about you! Also is it possible to be a true “hero” if you choose to be invisible?

The conversation then moves to a question about proximity and convenience. Is it possible that a gym can be too convenient? Well Garett and Jessica have a real life story about a person that took 3-years to finally step through their gym door all while working right next door.

Finally Garett and Jessica discuss a health fair they attended which was located at a supplement shop.  If you are curious about supplements this is a must listen!

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